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Solgar Comfort Zone Digestive Complex

$ 19.99

Solgar Comfort Zone is an advanced digestive complex that helps to encourage more efficient and thorough digestion so you can feel better about the foods you eat and worry less about having the foods you enjoy. With 11 naturally derived enzymes Solgar Comfort Zone helps to support the bodys natural digestive process so you can turn what you eat into what you need. Stop avoiding with Solgar Comfort Zone you can put your favorite foods back on the menu. Having the right enzyme support can make a difference in your overall digestive health. Enzymes help to break foods down to the molecular level so they can be absorbed. Because we all digest foods differently sometimes we can benefit from extra enzyme help in breaking down proteins into amino acids carbohydrates into simple sugars and fats into fatty acids. Adding one capsule with every meal can make a real difference in your relationship with food.