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Zen Bear - Radiant Rose Honey Tea - 8 oz.

$ 12.49

Radiant Rose Honey Tea – 8oz

Made with Zen Bear's signature wildflower honey, their Radiant Rose is a gentle blast of antioxidant goodness. rich in vitamin C to promote radiance and refreshment.


Honey beautifully pairs with Rose Hips and berries in this blend. This is a cleansing and refreshing tea high in vitamin C and A, with a touch of warmth from Ginger.


These bright red seed pods seen along Maine’s beaches are well-known repositories of vitamin C, B-complex, A, D and E, with all the health benefits they convey. Known to be blood purifiers and stress relievers.


Full of anti-oxidants and effective against bladder infections and good for kidney health, cranberries are a boost to cardio strength and a boon to dental care. They are considered anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and a diuretic.


These are considered a mild sedative and heart tonic. They may break up cholesterol and aid circulation and are thought to regulate the heart beat.


Green Tea contains powerful anti-oxidants which fight amino acids to improve brain function and mood, and may also boost metabolism thus burning fat. The active compounds in green tea are thought to protect dopamine-producing neurons, thus potentially reducing the risks of Parkinson’s and Alzheimers’ diseases. Type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases may also be ameliorated by green tea.


Ginger is found in many teas because of its wonderful warming quality.

It is also believed to be a mild stimulant and diaphoretic – helping with

Colds, coughs and flu.