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Nature's Plus Dreaminol 30 Sustained Release Tabs

$ 21.40

Many experts agree: In addition to helping to maintain healthy weight and reduce daily stress, sleep is the key to sustaining physical, mental and emotional well-being. Now, thanks to Natures Plus Dreaminol® Tablets, you can drift to sleep softly, swiftly and naturally - and stay asleep the whole night through!

Featuring a revolutionary Triple-Phase system, Dreaminol takes a natural approach to healthy sleep support:

  • First, Dreaminol's rapid-release melatonin promotes the safe and healthful nutritional conditions for drowsiness.
  • Moderate-release Lactium and L-theanine follow, promoting sleep with additional brain-sleep support.
  • Finally, extended release 5-HTP provides the perfect serotonin precursor your body needs for sound, healthy sleep well into the night.