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Herbal Energetics - Tot Throat & Lung Support - 1 fl. oz.

$ 14.99

Formerly Cough Release for Babies and Children

A respiratory support formula for throat and tonsil tissues as well as lungs. Can be used with Kid's Magic Immune Support.

Herbal Extracts: Anise Sd., Elecampagne Rt., Mullein Lf., Wild Cherry Bark, Chamomile Flwr., Echinacea Herb, Pleurisy Rt., Horehound Herb, Thyme Lf., Ginger Rt., Licorice Rt., and Lobelia Lf.. 

Other Ingredients: Distilled Water and Glycerin.

Essential Oil: Peppermint.

Energy of: Borage, Crab Apple and SOS Rescue in Brandy and Water.

Available in:

1 fl. oz.