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Garden of Life mykind Organic B Complex

$ 31.49

  • ONCE DAILY VITAMIN: Get 100% DV and more of all the B vitamins in one convenient pill
  • ENERGY SUPPLEMENT: Use b-complex with all eight essential B vitamins to bump up energy and support metabolism and stress response
  • HEART HEALTH: Combine this b vitamin complex, containing 400mcg (100%DV) of folate with vitamins B6 and B-12 for a healthy heart
  • HEALTHY HAIR & NAILS:  added 300mcg of biotin to this b complex to help build new red blood cells and promote hair growth/health and nails health
  • ORGANIC B-COMPLEX: these non-GMO vitamin b tablets are made from real organic powdered fruits, vegetables and herbs that have been concentrated
  • 30 Vegan Tablets