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Zen Bear - Bee-ing Better Honey Tea - 8 oz.

$ 12.49

Bee-ing Better Honey Tea – 8oz Jar

Bee-ing Better’s honey contains herbs and citrus for soothing and healing, ginger root for defense, all with a spark of cayenne to combat the blahs!



For centuries Echinacea has been relied on to boost the immune system, helping to fight infections (viral & bacterial) and as an anti-inflammatory.


Ginger is found in many teas because of its wonderful warming quality.

It is also believed to be a mild stimulant and diaphoretic – helping with

Colds, coughs and flu.


Herbalists have used Lemon Balm as a soothing and calming agent to alleviate headaches and depression.


Bursting with vitamin C, Lemon has long been used to underpin our immunity against colds, flu and other viruses. It is also considered an anti-bacterial.


As a stimulant, cayenne is thought to improve circulation, equalizing and strengthening the heart, capillaries and nerves while cleaning the blood.