Need sleep? Try these essential oils. Posted on 2 May 19:00

Tossing and turning the night away is the worst way to spend any attempt at slumber.  You wake up and just drag the entire next day away.  If you're looking for a natural way to invite some Zzz's into your night, try using some of these essential oils.  

Remember, each person responds differently to essential oils so there may need to be some trial and error here.  

1.  Lavender - Shocker.  We know.  

2.  Bergamot - This citrus derived essential oil can be very calming unlike most citrus based oils.

3.  Vetiver - This oil distilled from the plant of the same name, in some studies, have been adept at helping with anxiety and having a very calming affect.  Sounds like a pathway to a good night's sleep!

4.  Ylang Ylang - While it might be difficult to pronounce, it makes sleeping easy.  This oil is found in a large amount of blends intended to induce sleep.

5.  If one of these doesn't do the trick, feel free to purchase a night time blend as there are many in our online store.  


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